Treat our Environment with Love

We care about families and our future generations. With our new and more sustainable packaging we want to contribute to protecting our environment. After all, there is only one place we can call home.

Our Bottles

Through the development of our new and more sustainable packaging, we save more than 45 million bottles of virgin plastic per year.

Contribute to our mission to care for our environment and become more sustainable by refilling your and your family members’ favorite shampoo bottles.

Our Big Sizes & Refill Pouches

Your favorite shampoos in eco-friendly big sizes and refill pouches: Our new and sustainable formats for the whole family.

With us you can bathe your family in love and help save the planet for your loved ones by cutting down on your daily plastic consumption.

Are you ready to refill?

For more value and less plastic!

For more value and less plastic!

Our Formula

All of our caring formulas have naturally derived ingredients and are up to 95% biodegradable. They are vegan* and free from parabens.

* Free from animal derived ingredients

Help us to Recycle

When you and your family members have emptied your shampoo and/or conditioner bottles. Dispose of them correctly by placing them in the plastic recycling bin.

Be smarter. Recycle.

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Use Water Responsibly

Our initiative is to inspire you and your family to be more responsible when using water. So, let’s start in the bathroom to reduce water use and realize water savings!

Be smarter. Save water.

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